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Press Release | October 10, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release October 10, 2018 Wai Young and the Coalition Vancouver Team are committed to making Vancouver richer both economically and culturally. “The arts has an integral role in our city – it provides us with the means to connect with our community and a medium through which we can celebrate our creativity, success and our heritage. That is [...]

Press Release | October 10, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release October 10, 2018   Last week we again discovered more of the same with our opponents. Kennedy Stewart is gaming the system and being subsidized by his union buddies. Hector Bremner has already said Yes! to the cash from a prominent developer.  Ken Sim’s primary back-room supporters are local billionaires who previously backed Vision. These are the [...]

Press Release | September 27, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 27, 2018   Wai Young, alongside her Coalition Vancouver team, announced their Clean City policy proposal to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters this afternoon. “This is one of the most important issues facing Vancouver right now and I am proud to present our comprehensive common-sense platform to clean up our city” said Wai Young.   The [...]

Press Release | September 24, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 24, 2018 Coalition Vancouver has significant concerns regarding recent facts uncovered by Frances Bula of The Globe and Mail. The news outlet discovered that a prominent luxury condo developer bought and paid for the huge billboards promoting the Mayoral run of current City Councillor Hector Bremner. Bremner and his campaign vehemently denied knowing who had paid for, [...]

Press Release | September 21, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 21, 2018 Unsurprisingly, Charlie Smith, editor for The Georgia Straight has recently attacked Wai Young and Coalition Vancouver in 2 twisted articles. In one article, he states that it would be horrific for cannabis users and sex workers if Wai Young becomes mayor merely because she was a former Member of Parliament. Rather than reading the [...]

Press Release | September 19, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 19, 2018   In regard to the front-page Vancouver Sun story regarding Wai Young’s traffic ticket, Wai Young states: “I fully support laws governing distracted driving. These laws have been put in place to ensure our roads stay safe.” However, she questions why radical Kennedy Stewart was given a pass for being criminally convicted of contempt [...]

Press Release | September 19, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 19, 2018 Wai Young and Coalition Vancouver want to express our disappointment with the Vancouver Mayor and Council voting in favour for the reckless Making Room Program passed late tonight. Coalition Vancouver stands with the 4 councillors and thousands of residents who opposed this draconian policy. We are deeply disappointed that this lame duck Mayor and Council ignored the plea from Vancouver residents to consult further in [...]

Press Release | September 14, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release September 14, 2018 Coalition Vancouver and Mayoral Candidate Wai Young are proud to announce the incredible success of their Campaign Launch Wednesday evening.   Over 900 tickets were sold and the event was completely SOLD OUT.  In fact, people were overflowing on to the street.  The message is clearly resonating. Attendees heard inspirational speeches about lowering taxes, ending [...]

Press Release | August 7, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release August 7, 2018 Today Wai Young made a clear statement regarding Vancouver Council and their irresponsible actions before it dissolves. "It's completely irresponsible and arrogant for this City Council to pass motions without any consultation because these motions will have a huge impact upon our City and such decisions commit taxpayers to millions in future undisclosed expenditures." stated Wai Young, Mayoral [...]