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Press Release | August 7, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release August 7, 2018 Today Wai Young made a clear statement regarding Vancouver Council and their irresponsible actions before it dissolves. "It's completely irresponsible and arrogant for this City Council to pass motions without any consultation because these motions will have a huge impact upon our City and such decisions commit taxpayers to millions in future undisclosed expenditures." stated Wai Young, Mayoral [...]

Press Release | August 1st, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release Wai Young (Coalition Vancouver) Transportation Policy Announcement   August 1st, 2018 Vancouver, British Columbia   On Wednesday, August 1st, Mayoral Candidate for Coalition Vancouver, Wai Young announced a new transportation policy called “Mutual Respect”.  Building upon her earlier campaign launch which focused on 100% for The People of Vancouver rather than the dictatorship experienced by many communities [...]

Press Release | July 31, 2018

Press Release For Immediate Release July 31, 2018 Coalition Vancouver and Mayoral Candidate Wai Young are pleased to welcome 3 notable former NPA members to join their campaign team; namely: Franco Peta, former NPA Board Member, and now a Coalition Vancouver Councilor Candidate, Wes Mussio, former NPA Board Member, and David Cavey, who is nomination candidate for CPC Vancouver Centre. This latest [...]